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Name-Rosie's-Colt Contest winner announced.

...unless, of course, the horse is the famous Mr. "Howard."

Last April, we accepted two desperate, neglected, and emaciated horses — Billy and Rosie. Both were ready to die unless immediate, bold steps were taken to restore them to health.



Greyhound protection meeting schedule for Tuesday.

On September 23 at 6:00 PM, area animal supporters will meet at the Shelter's Education Room for a review of the animal legislation scheduled for the upcoming year in Florida, with a special focus on the topic of greyhound "decoupling" and injury reporting.

Expect to learn why current legislation is forcing greyhounds onto the race track, despite the fact that many track owners are seeking to end this inhumane practice. Here what you can do to help change laws and save lives. Special speakers will be Carey Theil with Grey2K USA and Fate McFall, Florida State Director for the Humane Society of the United States.

The event is open to the public and everyone is invited to attend.

Imaging our surprise when we discovered that Rosie was pregnant. We were determined to see a successful birth of her foal. Our wish was granted on August 20 when a healthy colt was born.

Along with the birth came an idea to have a contest to name the colt. So we sent out an invitation to our community to donate for the privilege of naming the colt. Entries started pouring in with some superb recommendations. Radar, Rocky Balboa, and Aspen were all submitted, along with other excellent choices. Then, on the day we celebrated the colt's first month, we selected a winner.

The winning name was submitted by long-time Shelter Volunteer and Board Member Cynthia Haskett. Cindy wanted to see the colt named "Howard" in honor of Howard Jones, our veteran facilities and maintenance staff member. Over many years, Howard has made a difference in the lives of so many animals that have come through our Shelter and Cindy felt it would be appropriate to honor him with naming this special animal in his honor. To help ensure victory, Cindy submitted multiple entries (requiring multiple donations), all of them supporting her name choice.

"We're so glad that Rosie's colt now has a name," states Chalmers I. Morse, the Shelter's Executive Director, " and we are especially grateful to the wonderful people who joined in our name-that-colt contest. Their support reflects the spirit of so many neighbors who stand ready t ensure that our Shelter will always make a difference in the lives of those who cannot speak for themselves."



What does it mean to be an "Open Door, Open Heart" Animal Shelter?

We are Indian River County’s only open admission animal shelter. That’s an important distinction. It clearly sets us apart from every other Shelter in the area.

But, do our friends and supporters really understand what these words mean? Please take a minute and learn why «read more...»


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